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New Product Solution

  • Internal inversion

    Operate the handle of the window sash, drive the hardware component to move accordingly, so that the window sash can be opened or inclined to indoor to open a certain angle for ventilation.
    Good ventilation. Keep natural air ventilation in the root, provide fresh air, and prevent rainwater to enter the room.
    Good anti-theft performance and safety. Good sealing and heat preservation performance, convenient for cleaning the window, avoid occupying the indoor space when opening the window.

  • Vertical sliding window

    Adopt vertical opening up and down with low cost, convenient for cleaning with exquisite structure;
    The height and width design of the window is relatively flexible, and the facade is beautiful and light;
    The upper and lower window sashes can be divided into different lines, the window frame is simple, and the lines are fine;
    Emphasize in both ventilation and daylighting, visible ventilation, enjoy the natural ventilation in the room.

  • Lever gear door

    Adopt imported accessories, light and flexible, smooth opening, easy to operate;
    Heavy and thick structure, suitable for heavy sliding door with big size;
    The sliding door leaf can be freely opened, and can be locked at any point, which is safe and anti-theft;

  • Folding door

    The folding door is multi-leaf folding, and can be pushed to the side with free opening, thus effectively saving the space;
    It has the functions of partition, dust prevention, noise reduction and sound insulation, shading and so on;
    With beautiful appearance, new pattern and diversified colors;
    Simple and quick installation, long service life and easy repair;

  • Three-rail door and window series

    It can open 2/3 space, thus effectively utilizing the space with good ventilation effect;
    According to the requirement of the customer, one rail can be made into screen window with mosquito and insects prevention effect;

  • Casement window with integrated screen

    Adopting bridge cutoff heat insulation structure with flexible opening mode, it is mosquito and insects expelling, and is safer and easy to clean;
    With good sound insulation effect, unique design, and excellent sealing property due to its double structure chamber;
    The inside and outside of the window can adopt different colors, the indoor color can match the indoor decoration effect.

  • Anti-theft window

    On the basis of the original window of the building, the mesh door and window with anti-theft function is added, which can work as the stainless steel anti-theft net, and the surface color is consistent with the window.

  • Narrow frame sliding door

    Jihua cooperates with kaisenberg to develop a new door and window system in 2020


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